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Change the Username of the Teambuild to Domain User

Following these steps to change the Teambuild account service username from NT AUTHORITY\ NETWORK SERVICE to a specific username (e.g. domain\username):

Change the TFS Build Service username to the new username

  • Open TFS Administration Console
  • Click Build Configuration

  • Click Stop, to stop the service
  • Click Properties
  • Choose “This account” in Credentials groupbox
  • Enter username and password

  • Click Start to start the service

Change Build Agents Username Account

  • Repeat the steps from the previous section on the build machine
  • Make sure that the username is in the Team Build Service Accounts group
    • Click Team menu àTeam Project Settings àGroup Membership

    • Check Show global groups
    • Select Project Collection Build Service Accounts
    • Click the Properties button

    • Make sure that the new username is there

Team Build: Could not find file ‘Microsoft.BizTalk.TOM.resources’ when running Biztalk Unit tests

February 15, 2011 1 comment

I have set up Team Build to build a solution that contains Biztalk and C# projects. The environment I used was Biztalk 2010 and TFS 2010. When running the unit tests related to Biztalk Schemas or Pipelines I used to receive the following exception:

Could not find file ‘Microsoft.BizTalk.TOM.resources’

I know that I have a reference to the Microsoft.BizTalk.TOM.dll assembly in the Biztalk project and the unit test project. Unit tests were running on Visual studio 2010 but failing on team build.

I figure out that for some reason, Team Build decides not to copy the Microsoft.BizTalk.TOM.dll assembly to the binaries folder of that unit test project although I have the “copy local” property set to true. To force deploying the assembly to the unit test folder, make sure that you add it to the testsetting deploy option. Make sure that Biztalk server is installed on the Teambuild machine and the path for the assembly is valid on the Teambuild server. Otherwise you need to checkin the assembly into source control and reference the assembly in source control. 

  1. Open the testsettings file used for the team build definition
  2. Click Deployment from the list on the left
  3. Click Add Files