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Ottawa IT Community speakers Idol 2011

Title: Ottawa IT Community speakers Idol Nov. 2nd at DevTeach Ottawa

Do you like to share your IT knowledge with others? Do you know a tip, trick or a feature that can save time for others and you would like to share it?

Well, Ottawa Speaker Idol is your solution and there is still time to submit your session proposal. The dead line is Wednesday Oct. 26th.

The Ottawa IT Community is organizing a contest where you can win a free registration to DevTeach Nov. 3-4 (value of $649). On November 2nd, at the venue for DevTeach Ottawa (Ottawa Conference Center), you will be invited to present your tip, trick or a feature for 10 minutes. After all presentations have completed, the attendees will vote for the winners. Prizes will be distributed to the best presenters. This is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend.

Date: Wednesday November 2nd , at 18:30

Location: Ottawa Conference Center (room 103)

55 Colonel By Drive

Ottawa , ON, K1N 9J2 Canada


  • You must not be a regular speaker in the IT Community. This contest is to encourage new speakers.
  • It must be the first time you participate to the Ottawa IT Speaker Idol
  • No need to be register to DevTeach to participate in the contest.
  • You must submit the description of your presentation (no more than 200 words) by October 26th to
  • We will accept 10 presenters
  • If more than 10 submissions, a committee will select 10 presentations
  • The list of presentations will be announced on October 31st
  • A laptop will be available for your presentation or you can use your own laptop
  • You will need to bring your PowerPoint and code on a USB key. All presentations will be posted on our web site after the contest.

Attending and vote for the winners can register with this link:


Winners Prizes:

First place:    Registration to the main conference DevTeach Nov. 3-4 (value of $649) from DevTeach Inc.

Second place:    Win 7 Phone (Value of $549) from LIKE 10 Inc.

Third place:    T/A from Microsoft

How to Change Development Database in LightSwitch

September 27, 2011 3 comments

Last week I had an issue building my LightSwitch project on Windows 8 instance because it had SQL 11 express instance as the default DB instance on the computer. I then installed SQL Server 2008 R2 Express on the machine to make it build.

You may have noticed that LightSwitch doesn’t provide an intuitive way to change the instance of the Dev database. I have done the following to connect to the SQL Server 2008 R2 instance

Right click on the LS project

Unload project

Right click the project and click edit

Find SqlExpressInstanceName attribute

Replace the database instance with one you want to connect to. In my case, I replaced




Right click the project and reload

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ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

September 21, 2011 10 comments

Today I faced a not too funny challenge. We had to downgrade the oracle driver (i.e. ODP.NET) from version 11.2 to 10.2 and guess what? I got the “ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied” error. It turned out that ODP.NET 10.2 and prior uses case insensitive passwords and will convert the password to upper case when connecting to the database.

To fix the issue we had to wrap the password with double quotes

Data Source=MyTsn; User ID=MyUserId; Password=”mypassword”

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Windows 8: Mount VHD/ISO files

This is how my C drive looks like

I boot from 3 of the above vhd files plus the Windows 7 instance installed on the hard drive

I had to remember to copy the files I need to share across OS’s to the C drive. UNTIL Now J

In Windows 8 it is possible to mount a VHD file and treat it as a hard drive

Right click the vhd file and click mount

Notice the new created drive under My Computer

You can also mount ISO files with the same process

To unmounts, right click the drive or the DVD drive and click eject

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Windows 8: How to Turn on Hyper-V in Windows8

Follow these steps to turn on Hyper-V in Windows8

Lunch Control Panel

Click programs

Click Turn windows features on or off

Check Hyper-V features

I have to reboot now J

In your Metro UI application notice the following

You can also find the Hyper-V Manager under the admin tools

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Windows 8: How to shutdown/restart my PC

Move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner (below the start icon)

Click Settings

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TFS2010 Add New Argument/Parameter to a Build Template

This post was created in response to this forum question on msdn:

It is fairly simple to add a new argument to your build template

Click on the Arguments tab

Scroll all the way down and click “Create Argument”

Type the name of your argument (e.g. BuildEnvironment)

To make the argument required, to customize its category, or use a customized editor, we need to create a new parameter in Metadata property as shown in the following image

In the team definition, I added Switch activity (can be added where you want to use that argument) and changed the expression to BuildEnvironment.ToLower to make it case insensitive. Switch activity can be replaced with If activity if the argument can be set to only two values

Click on “Add new case”, type case value to be “dev” or whatever value you need.

Repeat the above steps for other environments (i.e. QA, Prod,..etc)

Click “Add an activity” next to the case statement (e.g. dev)

Drop an activity where it says “Drop activity here”, you can use an Assign activity from the primitive group to initialize certain path

When done, check in the template

Create a new build definition

Under the Process tab, choose your customized template

Notice that you can see your new argument as a parameter

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