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Biztalk: Instance was not successfully terminated. Status is Pending

Sometimes when you try to terminate messages in Biztalk, messages may fail to terminate. Before you force the termination, you need to make sure you are ONLY terminating the messages you intend to terminate.

To force the termination, try one of the following:

Restart/Stop host instances assigned to the port or orchestration

Recycle the application pool assigned to the Webservice/WCF service if the port’s host is an isolated host

You can also wait for Biztalk to finish retrying sending the message, hence messages become suspended instances

IIS: There was an error while performing this operation

This is more of a tip than a post. Today I had  the following error in IIS while modifying Handler Mappings

There was an error while performing this operation.


Filename: \\?\C:\SomePath\web.config

Error: Cannot write configuration file due to insufficient permissions


We are using TFS, and TFS sets the Readonly flag when the file is checkin. Basically, all you need is to check out the web.config before do your modifications in IIS

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Biztalk: ‘FaultMessageType’: cannot resolve imported ‘messagetype’

When you get the “cannot resolve imported ‘messagetype'” error in Biztalk, it means that you are missing a reference.

In my case

I hada Biztalk project referencing a Framework project which references “Microsoft.Practices.ESB.ExceptionHandling.Schemas.Faults” assembly. I had to add a reference to that assembly in my project as well.

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