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TFS Preview: How to setup Alerts for your project

In this post, I will show how to setup the alerts for you project collection hosted by TFS Preview.

You can setup the alerts from the TFS preview website where you can setup the alerts from any machine without the need to have Visual Studio installed.

    • Login to the tfsPreview website
    • Open your project
    • image
    • Click on the chevron next to the email address at the top
    • image
    • Click Manage Alerts
    • image
    • You need to click the Edit link if you want to alerts to be sent to a different or multiple email address. Multiple email addresses must be separated by a comma followed by space (e.g., as of today’s date. This may be changed in the future. Be aware that changing the Send My Alerts To will change the email for all alerts.
    • IMPORTANT When you change the email address, you should receive a confirmation email. You need to confirm the action for the change to take affect
    • You can click on Custom Alerts or Advanced Alerts Management Page for advanced alerts.
    • Custom Alerts link allows you to modify the filter, email format
    • image
    • image
    • Advanced Alerts Management page allows you to create new alert type


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