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Visual Studio 2012: What’s with all These New Search Boxes!

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New Search Boxes

One of the new features in Visual Studio 2012 is the ability to perform search in the Solution Explorer window, Toolbox window, and Error List window


Search Toolbox

It is a an easy way to find the control you want and drag it to your form. The search box is available all the time, whether you have a document in design or code mode. Try opening an ASP.NET, WPF, Winform, Silverlight document in design mode. Pin the Toolbox window. and type Text. Visual Studio will perform a case insensitive search on the controls available in the list and list on the controls that contains the word Text. The following figure shows list of controls that contains Text when a Winform window is open


View the code of your form or open and class. One of the features that existed in previous versions of Visual Studio, is the ability to highlight code, and then drag it to it to the toolbox


You need to be careful using that feature because snippets stored in the Toolbox are saved in the registry and they won’t be available if you are opening the project using another computer.

The Search Toolbox should filter list using the text you enter in the Search toolbox textbox

Search Solution Explorer

The Search Solution Explorer search box filters the projects, file names, method names, and properties based on the search criteria. For instance, if I search for initialize in the above windows form application, I will get the following result


One other way find items is by search for the first letter in each word. For example, I can find the InitializeComponent method by typing IC


Search Error List

Search Error List box filters the errors by matching the criteria against the data in all columns. For example, I can search for the line number, column number, file name ..etc. The following figure shows the 6 errors


When I type 24 in the text box only two errors will show up in the list


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