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TFS Express: Configure Build Service


This article is a continuation to the TFS Express Series I started few weeks ago. Although, I will be using TFS Express in this article, the steps are the same if you are using the full version of TFS or you are scaling our the build service for the TFS Service (tfs.visualstudio.com)

In this post, I will be list the steps you need to implement the following topology:


This article assumes you already have Team Foundation Server Express installed and the application tier is configured. You can check this article to install and configure TFS Express


You must be a member of the “Project Collection Administrators” group in Team Foundation Server to be able to deploy the TFS Build Server


I am doing the deployment on virtual machines. I already have TFS2012 Express installed and I will be deploying the Build Server artifacts on the other two servers.

In this version of TFS, Microsoft created on executable for TFS to install and configure TFS, Controllers and Build Agents.

On the Build Server 2, install TFS 2012 Express

Open the TFS Admin Console

Click Build Configuration

Click on the Configure Installed Features link


Select Configure Team Foundation Build Service

Click Start Wizard


Click Next to move to Project Collection Node

Click on the Browse button

Select a TFS Server or click the Servers button to add a new server


Click Next


Click next

My Build Virtual Machine had one logical CPU assigned to it. As best practice, you create one agent per logical CPU.

Click Next


Select a system account or use a user account. User account must be part of the Project Collection Build Service Account group


Click Next in the admin Console


Click Configure if the check was sucessful


From the admin console, you can disable, delete, restart or configure the build service, controller or agent(s)


Notice that the machine name will be added as a user to the group as well



To install and configure the build service on the second build server check this post

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