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TFS2012: Run Concurrent Sprints

This post is in response to the following forum question http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/tfsgeneral/thread/9b9c6479-34f8-427f-b461-09f8b6a3c8f9

In the post, I will show how to show two backlogs for a Release 1 and Release 2. Backlogs will NOT be visible at the same time.

Open TFS Web Access

Click on Configure Schedule and iterations


I have two releases two sprints in two different releases. In real case scenario, a later Sprint than Sprint 1 will be the current Sprint for Release 1


Click Set as team’s backlog iteration for Release one to show workitems assigned to Release 1 in the backlog


Close the popup

Click on View backlog


Notice that you can only see the backlog items assigned to Release 1

One of the issues you will have is when you view the backlog, the Iteration path is not one of the visible columns. It is useful to show the Iteration Path in the grid. Click on Column Options and add the Iteration Path from the left rest to the right one.


To show the backlog for Release 2. Click the home button and click on the configure schedule and iterations. You can select Release 2 now.


Make sure you check Sprint 1


In the steps, I will be adding a workitem query to the team favorites to show the number of the workitems assigned to a Release. Go to the Work tab then Work Items. lick on the Product backlog. Click on the editor tab then modify the iteration path then click on the Save as Query button. I am calling it PBL-Release1.


Create another query for Release 2.

Click on the little triangle next to the the new queries and add them to the team favorites


Notice that the queries got copied to the team favorites section


Go to the home page and notice the new tiles


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