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TFS Work Items: Queries more than one state

How can I create a query and filter on more than one state? I had this question last week at a client location. If you are interested in a short answer then the answer is to comma separate the states and you use the In operator. For step by step instructions, read the rest of the article.

In Web Access,

Click on the Work tab

Click on Queries


Click on New

Click on New query


In this example, I want to select all bugs that are Approved and Committed

From the Work Item Type Value field, select Bug

Select In in the State’s Operator field and Approved,Committed in the Value field.


You can click the play button to test your query

Save your query

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Microsoft Virtual Academy free training

If you are looking for free training, make sure you visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy site at . The website contains many videos related to the Microsoft ecosystem and I am confident that you will enjoy it.

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PackageWeb Zip Error DestinationFiles refers to 2 item(s), and SourceFiles refers 1

Today I got this error while publishing my web and wcf application in Visual Studio 2013 using PackageWeb Zip Nuget package.

Error “DestinationFiles” refers to 2 item(s), and “SourceFiles” refers to 1 item(s). They must have the same number of items.

This error was generated by the PackageWeb.ZipExtension.targets under the -Package folder specifically by the following statement

<Copy SourceFiles=”$(_ZipPs1)”
Condition=” ‘@(_PkgLoc)’ != ” “/>

I added the Message task before the copy task to view the value of _PkgLoc

<Message Text=”***_PkgLoc:@(_PkgLoc->’%(rootdir)%(directory)'” Importance=”high” />

For some weird reason, the _PkgLoc list had two identical items.  


To fix this error I added the KeepDuplicates attribute to the _PkgLoc tasks as follows:

<_PkgLoc Include=”$(DesktopBuildPackageLocation)” Condition=” ‘$(DesktopBuildPackageLocation)’!=” ” KeepDuplicates=”false” />
<_PkgLoc Include=”$(PackageDestinationRoot)” Condition=” ‘@(_PkgLoc)’==” ” KeepDuplicates=”false”/>

I am not the expert when it comes to MSBuild. If you have a better way to handle this, you can add a comment below

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