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Load Testing: Context parameter ‘$HIDDEN1.__RequestVerificationToken’ not found in test context

I was doing load testing using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate for one of the applications I was working on and I noticed the following error when I try to run the recorded load test

Context parameter ‘$HIDDEN1.__RequestVerificationToken’ not found in test context


The test scenario was the following:

  • Load home page
  • Click a url on a page
  • Dialog shows up (GET)
  • Select a value from a dropdown on the dialog (POST)
  • Submit


The tool was trying to use $Hidden1.__RequestVerificationToken from the main page but that variable wasn’t available in the current context.


Add a new Extraction Rule, create new variable at the GET request step above the POST request

Assigned the __RequestVerificationToken value in the form to a Context Parameter

In the Post request, change the form post parameter to new token

That specific request was a POST request done using Ajax.