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Install TFS 2015 Build Agent on Premises

In the previous article, I showed how to install and configure Maven on the TFS Build server to build Java applications. This article however applies to either Java or .NET applications. This article is based on the version 1 of Build Agent TFS 2017 has a new build agent that I will blog about in the future.

Download the Build Agent

  • Go to http://<tfsUrl&gt;:8080/tfs/_admin
  • Click on the Agent pools tab
  • Click on Download agent
  • Extract the contents of the zip file to c:\Agents\1

Configure Build Agent as a Service (without executing UI Testing)

TFS Build Agents can run as a service or a user. From my experience, most build agents run as a service. You need to run as a user or interactively, when you have a build that performs UI testing such as Selenium or CodedUI.

  • Open command line
  • C:\Agents\1\ConfigureAgent.cmd

  • I have used the default options. When you enter the tfs url, make sure you add /tfs at the end of the url
  • The default user account is Network Service. You can use domain user account if you need to control the permissions

Configure Build Agent in Interactive mode (to Run Selenium or other UI Tests)

In this case, we need to configure the build agent to run interactively (i.e. answer to install ‘N’ it as a service). I also created a new Pool and called it Interactive to group all the agents that run in interactive mode.

  • Open command line
  • Extract the agent into C:\Agents\2
  • C:\Agents\2\ConfigureAgent.cmd

  • As mentioned above, I am using the new pool which is called Interactive and the agent is not running as a service.
  • When you enter the tfs url, make sure you add /tfs at the end of the url

View Agents on the Web Portal

  • Go to http://<tfsurl&gt;:8080/tfs/_admin/_AgentPool
  • Agents colour coded in green means that that they are online and connected to TFS. Otherwise, they will show in red
  • From this screen you can also disable or delete an agent

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