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Visual Studio Performance Testing #6: User login Script

In the previous post, I showed how to instruct the tool to use a new user every time it executes a test iteration. But that might not be what you need when running your load test. Most of my load testing gigs have the following requirement:

-I want x number of users to login to the system

-I want those users to run the following test cases until the completion of the test duration

In other words, users should login once and keep executing test cases.

To fulfil the requirements, we need to create two scripts: one for login the user and the other contains the requests for the scenarios

In the load test file, right click on the scenario and click Edit Test Mix

At the bottom of the dialog, check “Select an initialize test to execute before other tests for each virtual user” and select the Login script. Your other scenarios should be at the middle of the dialog where my CreateCompany script is.

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