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ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

September 21, 2011 10 comments

Today I faced a not too funny challenge. We had to downgrade the oracle driver (i.e. ODP.NET) from version 11.2 to 10.2 and guess what? I got the “ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied” error. It turned out that ODP.NET 10.2 and prior uses case insensitive passwords and will convert the password to upper case when connecting to the database.

To fix the issue we had to wrap the password with double quotes

Data Source=MyTsn; User ID=MyUserId; Password=”mypassword”

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Backup/export Oracle database tsn name

Today I wanted to backup/export an Oracle database so that I can restore it to another computer. I am not a dba and most of my “dba” experience is related to SQL server. Long story short, after around 30 minutes of research I had to use the following syntax in the command prompt:

exp file=”C:\OracleBackups\Mydatabase201107221422.dmp full=yes

Make sure that the folder you are export to DOES exist. exp won’t create for.

It will then ask you to enter the username which must be in the following format username@tsnname (e.g. ahmed@XE) You need to use a username with sufficient privileges

Press enter and it will prompt you to enter your password.

Enter the password and you are set 🙂

When I restore/import the database I will update this post.

Cheers for now

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