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Windows 8: Run applications like Regedit

One way

  • Go to the Start menu which is your tiles screen
  • Move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner until you see what I call the short menu
  • Select Search
  • Type the application you want to run such as regedit

Another way

  • Move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner
  • You should see a mini start screen
  • Right click
  • Select Run
  • Type Regedit
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Windows 8: Mount VHD/ISO files

This is how my C drive looks like

I boot from 3 of the above vhd files plus the Windows 7 instance installed on the hard drive

I had to remember to copy the files I need to share across OS’s to the C drive. UNTIL Now J

In Windows 8 it is possible to mount a VHD file and treat it as a hard drive

Right click the vhd file and click mount

Notice the new created drive under My Computer

You can also mount ISO files with the same process

To unmounts, right click the drive or the DVD drive and click eject

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Windows 8: How to Turn on Hyper-V in Windows8

Follow these steps to turn on Hyper-V in Windows8

Lunch Control Panel

Click programs

Click Turn windows features on or off

Check Hyper-V features

I have to reboot now J

In your Metro UI application notice the following

You can also find the Hyper-V Manager under the admin tools

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Windows 8: How to shutdown/restart my PC

Move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner (below the start icon)

Click Settings

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